Many Thanks to Michael for New Uplifting Website Wallpaper and a Reminder of our Christmas 2012 Feature

Many thanks to Michael (Cashman) for the new springlike wallpaper now on our website.   Incidentally, quite a few people positively commented  on our Christmas 2012 Pictorial Feature (Jan. 6) while others were not aware that one has to click “continue reading” (at the end of the homepage text) to get to observe our selection of Christmas images.  (S.R.)

Bureau of Military History – Millstreet

2013-01-07 Bureau of Military History - Con Healy Witness Statement - front page“The Bureau of Military History Collection, 1913-1921 (BMH) is a collection of 1,773 witness statements; 334 sets of contemporary documents; 42 sets of photographs and 13 voice recordings that were collected by the State between 1947 and 1957, in order to gather primary source material for the revolutionary period in Ireland from 1913 to 1921. The Bureau’s official brief was ‘to assemble and co-ordinate material to form the basis for the compilation of the history of the movement for Independence from the formation of the Irish Volunteers on 25th November 1913, to the 11th July 1921’ (report of the Director, 1957).”

The Bureau of Military History website is now searchable. It has a number of witness statements from people in the Millstreet area from around this time (listed below). For example this witness statement from Con Healy which outlines his activities as a member of Millstreet Battalions Flying Column. It has information about the IRA in Millstreet, downed British Army aircraft, ambushes, reprisals, bank robberies and [read more …] “Bureau of Military History – Millstreet”

Blackwater Way – Trail from Mushera to Bweeng

2013-01-06 Blackwater Way - Map for Mushera to Bweeing
2013-01-06 Blackwater Way – Map for Mushera to Bweeing

The Blackwater Way (the combined Duhallow and Avondhu Ways) is a 168 kilometre linear long distance walking route that stretches from the borders of west County Waterford across north County Cork and into the County of Kerry, following the valley of the River Blackwater. It in turn is part of the European E8 route which stretches from Kenmare to Bulgaria (some 4,300km). Here we highlight part of the route near Millstreet, from Mushera to Bweeing, a route which is described on

“This is the complete section from the pub at Bweeng to the Carpark at Mushera (at the highest point of the butter road). The sections across Mossy Bed and Nadd Bog are very wet all year round. Forest operations at the start of the Nadd bog section means that the way markings are [read more …] “Blackwater Way – Trail from Mushera to Bweeng”

Women’s Christmas Annual Party in Wallis Arms Hotel on 4th Jan. 2013

Enjoying the Annual Women's Christmas Party
Enjoying the Annual Women’s Christmas Party in the Wallis Arms Hotel on Friday, 4th January 2013. Pictured from left – Chris Hickey, Mairéad Daly and Noreen Dineen.   We thank Noreen for making the photographs of the very successful event available to us.   (S.R.)

Musical entertainment on the night was provided by The Kelt.    Here we feature four more of Noreen’s [read more …] “Women’s Christmas Annual Party in Wallis Arms Hotel on 4th Jan. 2013”