Happy Christmas to all our viewers and Friends from LTV2 Millstreet: Programme 213 now online.

LTV2 Millstreet would like to wish all our Viewers and Friends a very Happy Christmas and New Year

Programme 213 from LTV2 Millstreet is now online, Check out the Link below.

Program Schedule

0:00 Set Dancing from the White Gates last Friday
1:20 In studio with Seán Radley, Eily Buckley and Sean Murphy – welcome to the new season, local calendars and books for sale for Christmas.
5:10 Broomhill Vintage Club Assemble a tractor in Minutes at K&L this Summer
11:55 In Studio and Eily’s Regional Report
20:00 From the Hazle Tree, Michael Collins sings
23:20 Brendan and Jerry in studio and a clip from when the Air Ambulance landed in the Town Park
29:00 Farewell for this week from the Studio
31:00 The White Gates Christmas Party in Killarney the previous Friday night
1:00:56 End


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