Jerome O’Connor, Duarrigle

My name is Kristin O’Connor from Richmond VA. I have been researching my family history and have located the death certificate for my Great Grandfather, Jeremiah (Jerome) O’Connor from Duarrigle, Cork. I believe him to be the younger son on this census record link below. I am interested in learning anything I possibly can about these O’Connor’s past and present.

According to family lore; Jeremiah was involved in the militia, and he was also intending to, and studying to be a priest; yet left under significant disgrace for marriage to a young woman (Alice Hays?). He emigrated to NYC and started his young family with Alice. His eldest son, my grandfather Edward Joseph, was nine years old when his father Jeremiah(Jerome) was mysteriously shot and killed. I’m hoping to learn more about this Duarrigle family, the O’Connor’s before them, and any corroborating information about his life in Derragh.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Millstreet :-)…
Most sincerely, Kristin O’Connor from Richmond Virginia

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    1. Anthony thank you so very much for your response. I would love to see if we can connect this up if there is indeed a connection – sounds promising! My great grandfather Jeremiah/Jerome would have been the younger brother to a John and a Tim. He was born about 1885. Do you suppose your line could issue from Tim or John, in which case you and I would share a Great Great Grandfather, Jeremiah O’Connor (also married to a Kate). My Uncle Bill’s middle name is Anthony. I need to gather the death certificate details from my Uncle. Your father Jackie (is that from John?) Uncle Jerome and Aunt Kate, certainly a great deal of first names in common. Let me know if you are aware of any corroborating details.

      How large a population in Duarrigle proper? Do you know how old your Uncle Jerome was when he passed in 1960?

      Be well and thank you so much!

      Kristin O’Connor

  1. Hi,

    I am Anthony O’Connor living in Duarrigle, Cullen.
    My father was Jackie O’Connor my aunt was Kate O’Connor, My uncle was Jerome O’Connor farmer in Duarrigle who passed away in 1960. My father and Kate then became owners of the land.

    Merry Christmas,

    Anthony O’Connor

    Duarrigle House

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