The River of Doves

A dove at St. Patrick’s Church Millstreet recently (S.R)

“In Irish the word ‘Colum’ signifies a dove. In various parts of the country, holes or caves in rocks, frequented by these birds, are called Pollnagolum (Poll-na-gcolum), the hole or cave of the doves. In the present spoken language colúr [coloor] is the more usual term for the same bird; and it is found more often in names. There is a little river joining the Finnow near Millstreet in Cork, called the Owennagloor, ie Abhainn-na-gcolúr, the river of the pigeons; Annagloor is also a townland in the parish of Drishane.”

from CHAPTER XVIII for The Origin and History of Irish Names of Places by P.W. Joyce (1902) page 301. [view online]

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