Very Special Tribute to Presentation Sisters

Cllr. Noel Buckley addresses the large congregation at the end of the Mass of Thanksgiving for the Presentation Sisters in St. Patrick’s Church, Millstreet on 20th Nov. 2012.   Great credit is due to the Presentation N.S. on the coordination of a very special liturgy during the special Mass.   We shall upload a full feature at a later point.   Sr. Mercedes and Sr. Noreen were very especially remembered in many tributes.    We wish both Sisters every fulfilment and happiness as they leave Millstreet for Co. Kerry where they will continue to carry the lantern of Nano Nagle doing good for so many as always .   The Presentation Order has been in Millstreet for the past 172 years.   (S.R.)


Sr. Mercedes Behan, Presentation Sister

4 thoughts on “Very Special Tribute to Presentation Sisters”

  1. Hi Mary – We arranged to video record the wonderful event on the night. Highlights of this will feature on LTV2 Millstreet later in the transmission season. We may also upload further images from the very special occasion later. We’ve already posted Fr. James McSweeney’s excellent pictures from the event – these may be viewed on Nov. 8 section of this website.

  2. Sincere apologies, Mary. We shall upload a selection of images in a short while relating to the Mass of Thanksgiving for the Presentation Sisters. Teen Spirit was a further special occasion at St. Patrick’s Church, Millstreet.

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