Annual Twinning Collection Receives Uplifting Response

Despite the inclement weather the Millstreet Twinning Annual Church gate Collection received a wonderful response.   Dedicated members of the Twinning Committee arranged the display of both the Irish and Breton Flags.  (S.R.) 

Our twinning with Pommerit le Vicomte is now in excess of twenty-five years which is truly a great credit to both communities.   It is the turn of the many Breton Friends to visit Millstreet next.   We received a royal welcome from the Pommerit community in 2011.

1 thought on “Annual Twinning Collection Receives Uplifting Response”

  1. We,the members of Millstreet Twinning Committee would like to thank everyone who contributed to our church gate collection last Sunday.Like all voluntary organisations we really appricate the support of our own community.Good neighbours and friends mean strong community spirit,a trait for which Millstreet has never been found lacking.

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