Rathmore’s “Pride of Place” Project – Part One

Some of the enthusiastic participants in Rathmore’s “Pride of Place” Project 2012.   Chosen as one of the towns/villages to represent Kerry in this year’s highly prestigious competition the people of Rathmore arranged a most impressive presentation for the Judges illustrating why Rathmore should be considered worthy of the All-Ireland award.   Here we view those who took part in a power-point presentation at the beginning of Tuesday, 28th August 2012 in the presence of the Judges who came from the south-east and north of Ireland.   Following welcome refreshments the Judges were taken on tour to visit the various projects throughout the area.  (S.R.)

To record the half-day event I joined Mary Dilworth and Diarmuid McCarthy as we followed the Judges and members of Kerry Co. Council and Rathmore coordinators being driven in a mini-coach by Val Moynihan.   I learned more about Rathmore in that half-day that I did in years.   The amenities and the facilities developed over the years are hugely impressive.  (S.R.)

2 thoughts on “Rathmore’s “Pride of Place” Project – Part One”

  1. Since Rathmore is where my wife’s great-Grandfather was married (in 1865), it was a welcome pleasure to see these highlights. Thanks.

    By the way, what ever happened to the Statue of Danu that used to stand between town center and the catholic Church? Enquiring minds (or, at least, THIS one) would love to know …

  2. The location, Bob, where the original Danu statue stood before it disappeared quite some time ago, now has a sturdy flowerpot feature in its place. More pictures of Rathmore to follow in coming days.

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