Sun Shines on Annual September Horse Fair Today

Blessed with glorious sunshine Millstreet’s Annual September Horse Fair took place today, Sunday, 2nd September 2012. The wonderfully colourful standings extended further along the streets that ever before reaching the Church at West End and down to the end of Minor Row.  Here we view the busy scene at 2.35 p.m. in Main Street as photographed from the Bridge.   (S.R.)

Brendan Murphy and I travelled to the various parts of the town and the Fair Field to record this annual tradition for our website and LTV2.   We invite you to join us on our journey earlier this afternoon where we got to meet lots of cheerful people, saw one of the smallest ponies ever seen in Millstreet and finished our recording with much appreciated refreshments at “Nibbles”.   Photographer/Reporter, John Tarrant covered for the various newspapers.  Another equestrian event was in the meanwhile taking place at Green Glens where the very welcome sun shone brilliantly.   (S.R.)

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