Launch of “The Bard” by Barry Keane in Millstreet on 18th Aug. 2012

Pictured at the official launch of “The Bard” in Millstreet G.A.A. Community Hall on Saturday, 18th August 2012.   Included is (from left) John Sheehan, Aubane Social Club, Barry Keane (Author supreme), Cllr. Joe Kavanagh, Deputy Lord Mayor of Cork City and his wife.   Also included are Barry’s mother and his aunts.  (S.R.)

It was one of the most uplifting book launches Millstreet has ever witnessed.   Author Barry Keane delivered an outstanding witty speech and the splendid words shared by his mother and aunts hugely impressed the capacity audience. Historian/author Jack Lane must also take a bow for bringing about such a magnificent event and for coordinating publication of this excellent book.   Barry Keane brings history to life and his post-primary school in Cork is truly blessed to have such a marvellous history teacher.   Tom Meaney added greatly by his interesting words while John Sheehan was a wonderful MC for the launch.   Many other good people were involved in the most memorable evening and these people are seen in our pictorial feature here.   LTV2’s Brendan Murphy recorded the event for later transmission while John Tarrant covered for the newspapers.   A visiting German Journalist,  Frank Albers,  was quite fascinated by the occasion.  Sincere congrats. to Barry and all those who participated.   (S.R.)

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  1. A chairde,

    Please send details for ordering Barry Keane’s opus on O Suilleabhain. Please indicate if I need to send you a banker’s cheque, or perhaps a crisp 20-dollar greenback will do the trick ? I don’t do the plastic charge carry-on. My postal address is as follows:

    Kevin Donleavy
    105 Minor Rd.
    Charlottesville, Virginia
    USA 22903

    And I need a postal address for Aubane, too.

    Please reply when you can, comradaithe !
    Beir bua,

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