The Millstreet League

The Premier League starts tomorrow Saturday 18th August (yes it is three months since the league finished!), and this year for the first time we thought we’d run a Fantasy Football League for those from Millstreet, or anyone who comes to visit We don’t have a prize for the winner (unless someone donates one), but you’ll have boasting rights over all your friends, in fact over everyone else  in the league too, but above all it’s good competitive fun.

We’ve called it ‘The Millstreet League’ and once you have a team setup on, you can join the league using the code 1526914-342110 … and it’s totally FREE!

For many, Fantasy Football is a very serious business with hours spent pouring over clean sheet statistics and it is common to hear desperate calls in pubs across the UK of “Who got the assist?” after a goal was scored.

The obsession also translates into cash for those that run the Fantasy games. The industry is estimated to be worth £3billion and the Premier League’s official game attracted over two million individual players in 2011/2012. – 101 Great Goals

That’s about the height of it, so if you haven’t already done so, get over to, create your team (easier to just press auto-complete and come back to it later) and enter The Millstreet League.

A day’s notice isn’t much so we’ve decided to start the league on week two, that way it will give a chance to more players to join, and will allow you to see how the footballers are faring. The incredibly strict deadline for entries for week two is Saturday, 25th August at 11:30am.

Good Luck … you’ll need it 😉
Update 20th May 2013:  Congrats to Tim Kiely who barely held on for the win with Mick Walsh and Michael Cashman just a point behind.
Final Table:

# Team Manager -Week- -Total- ?
1 Station Road Kings Tim Kiely 37 1,987
2 Five in a row? Michael Cashman 50 1,986
3 Cheesebox Lemons FC Mick Walsh 55 1,986
4 Goons FC Gary McCormack 43 1,943
5 Kop Toppers Barry Browne 44 1,942
6 Zos Larcos Adrian Sheehan 30 1,919
7 FC Pantaloons Kenny Cremin 53 1,892
8 1woodlanddriveunited colm oconnor 64 1,886
9 Cow Tipping Dwarfs Eric Hickey 57 1,872
10 O’ Connors 11 Anthony O’ Connor 49 1,837
11 The Monkees David O’Sullivan 45 1,834
12 WOOOOW ronan galvin 68 1,827
13 French Toast United Padraig Moynihan 39 1,805
14 Dooneen City Fc Sean Lawlor 53 1,783
15 paraic patrick dineen 66 1,755
16 patricks athletic Patrick Corkery 36 1,742
17 Stef United Stefan Healy 45 1,737
18 DC Heroes Tadgh Collins 55 1,733
19 Stars of Cotts fc Sean Cotter 58 1,732
20 Meenskehy F.C cian o mahony 54 1,723
21 Millstreets 11 Aidan Downey 50 1,714
22 Rangar Rovers Colin Feeley 44 1,690
23 nathans 11 Nathan o sullivan 52 1,682
24 Fighting Filips Filip Cashman 37 1,643
25 dirt city 11 Colin Murphy 36 1,640
26 Adamstown Albion William Kelleher 56 1,590
27 G’On Mata Darragh Hickey 37 1,571
28 Clonbanin F.C deirdre o sullivan 46 1,563
29 Sheffield Thursday Paul Sheehan 22 1,540
30 Celtic Dogs FC colin murphy 39 1,490
31 Dooneen utd fc simon murpy 50 1,464
32 Galacticos Alan Murphy 34 1,459

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