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This weekend’s Fashion and Beauty section of the Irish Examiner meets Gillian Gilbourne, who has won numerous Best Dressed Lady prizes, and is one of Millstreet’s most glamorous women:

Name: Gillian Gilbourne
Occupation: Librarian/Mother
Favourite shops: Boutiques in rural towns
What are you wearing? Sunglasses, Bulgari, €280; Jacket, Dunnes Stores, €20; Scarf, New Look, €15; Top, Zara, €30; Bag, Newbridge, €150; Jeans, New Look, €25; Shoes, Lisa Kay, €165
Most expensive item you’ve bought: A Gucci handbag
Best bargain: An Oky Coky shirt that was half price in a sale
Best dressed celebrity: Kate Middleton
Worst dressed celebrity: Jordan
How much do you spend on fashion per month? €100-€300
Worst fashion faux-pas: Shoulder pads


Other photos of Gillian’s style:

at the Galway Races,

at Leopardstoewn Races, and

at the Curragh.

… of course her husband Raymond likes to be well turned out too.

The above article is from the Street Trend column in the weekend section of the Irish Examiner

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