Interview on St. Padre Pio Experience at Briery Gap Theatre/Cinema, Macroom on Tuesday, 31st July 2012 at 8.00 p.m..

A video of an Interview with Donal Enright and D.D. O’Mahony regarding  St. Padre Pio Experience will be shown at the Briery Gap Theatre/Cinema in Macroom on Tuesday, 31st July at 8.00 p.m..   Admission is free and all are very welcome.  (S.R.)

For further information log on to the Briery Gap website –


Many thanks to the person who has alerted us to this Macroom event.




Poetry: Jim Cashman

‘Twas sad to read of the passing of Jim Cashman he died in Springwood New South Wales from Tullig far away
I remember him when i was a  young fellow he was then fast approaching his prime day
As a young man he was such a carefree person tall and  lean and lively on his feet
He and Fiona Hickey Duhallow’s finest rock ‘n’ rollers the dance craze they introduced  to Millstreet
The wanderlust was in the young Jim Cashman he left Tullig when he was in his prime
His journey took him far south to Australia where he married, raised his children and grew  old with wear of time
Fond memories of him do live on in Millstreet where [read more …] “Poetry: Jim Cashman”