Eugene Brosnan

The undying bug of wander in some people is strong
When young Eugene Brosnan left the Town of Millstreet with him he took his guitar along
He busked around Europe in many a city and town
At the start of his journey to greater renown

He left Murphy’s Terrace when he was eighteen
A far bigger World out there for him to be seen
To travel in Europe from home far away
From where he first looked on the bright lamp of day

As a talented singer songwriter he is widely known
But in Millstreet they still do claim him for their own
Wondering what the big World out there looks like he will not take to his grave
In his case it does seem fortune favoured the brave

That true talent does triumph cannot be denied
Far from old Duhallow he is famed far and wide
That he has made it through his natural born talent happens to be true
From life we receive what is only our due

He left Millstreet in Duhallow on his journey to fame
And as a singer songwriter his is now a great name
As a teenager the yearn was in Eugene for places elsewhere
And he has known of success in the big World out there.

by Francis Duggan

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