Paudie Healy’s Splendid Care of Superb Flower Display at Presentation N.S.

Paudie Healy with splendid flower display at Presentation N.S., Millstreet. Paudie has been taking truly dedicated care of the hugely admired flower display during the summer holidays….before, during and after. Great credit is due to Joan O’Mahony, Principal and the Staff for putting such an uplifting colourful display of flowers in place.   (S.R.)

Although we’ve had lots of rain this Summer, Paudie has to constantly make sure that these many floral displays are not only watered but oftentimes fed with nourishing plant food.    Well done indeed to Paudie for undertaking this important and time related task.   It certainly shows such wonderful results and enhances the appearance of our town in no small way.  (S.R.)

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