Noel C Duggan Did Dream

Noel C Duggan the entrepreneur of Millstreet Town
The fellow who did dream of Worldwide renown
Did dream that the 1993 Eurovision Song Contest at his Green Glens Complex would take place
No challenge for him seems too daunting to face

Noel C Duggan did dream and his dream did come true
The man is a genius to give him his due
He brought The Eurovision Song Contest to the Town of Millstreet
At his Green Glens Arena for glory Europe’s best did compete

On TV the scenic and green Duhallow countryside
Received widespread exposure when seen Worldwide
Something that will live on in entertainment history
That was born of a dream of the amazing Noel C

Those who dream of the seemingly impossible do sometimes succeed
Noel C Duggan of this one example indeed
He dreamed the near impossible dream and then said why not
For that he will be remembered when most are forgot

Noel C Duggan is ageing but he still leads the way
In positive thinking in the Millstreet of today
A character who has a charm of his own
Because of him Millstreet is now widely known.


by Francis Duggan

3 thoughts on “Noel C Duggan Did Dream”

  1. Millstreet Town born and raised And one of Millstreet’s own
    And it is thanks to him that Millstreet is now widely known
    As a place of entertainment in the big World out there
    And for his fame and his fortune he never migrated to elsewhere

    That there is power in positive thinking cannot be denied
    His Green Glens entertainment arena is known Worldwide
    As a venue of International show jumping,World Championship Boxing and The Eurovision Song Contest and other major events too numerous to name
    Noel C Duggan’s big dream has brought him Worldwide fame

    In his Green Glens Arena he achieved something great
    His successes in life we ought to celebrate
    Into his eight decade his physical prime in the long gone
    But decades after he dies his legend will live on

    To the legends of Duhallow Noel C Duggan belong
    He named the Green Glens Arena from ‘The Green Glens Of Antrim’ of his a favourite song
    Many newspaper articles on him written and many stories of him told
    It does seem everything that he touches does turn to gold

    The Green Glens Arena quite amazing to see
    Of the Wizard Of Millstreet the one and only Noel C
    The fame and the glory are only the due
    Of the man who dreamed big and saw his dream come true.

    “The Wizard Of Millstreet” is by Francis Duggan


  2. God afternoon, I ‘ m looking to contact mr. Duggan sênior.
    We sold mr.duggan his horse ridding arena it is a Stran building manufactured in the USA.
    I visited mr. duggan several times in the mid to late 90’s.
    I was the VIP for Span international company based in The Bahamas.
    My name is PEDRO WASSITSCH?
    Please let me know any news.
    Thank you.

    1. Noel C Duggan was delighted to hear from you, could you please send your personal email address so he can make contact with you. Our email address is <email> if you would like to contact him privately.


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