Miracles At Tubrid

The annual Mass for the month of May will be held in Tubrid Well
this evening Friday May 25th at 8pm


Miracles at Tubrid

Around the fire grate on Winter nights I often heard the old man of stories tell
Stories of miracles that did occur at Tubrid’s Holy Well
Of people who were blind to light who suddenly could see
He did impress on my young mind how amazing this place must be

He said the Tubrid waters has cures for every known disease
And it even cured an allergy that one old bloke had to fleas
It cured people of cancer and it cured people of gout
And drinking Tubrid water cured one of warts in the mouth

He did relate a good tale to give the man his due
And perhaps some of his Tubrid stories may have even been near to true
But i was young and impressionable then and not hard to deceive
And everything he told me of Tubrid i was willing to believe

Of the praises of old Tubrid i feel happy to sing
I often drunk cups of water of it’s clear bubbling spring
And though many people come to do their rounds there in the month of May
Whether ’tis a place of miracles is not for me to say

On wet and windy Winter nights around the peat fire grate
Of miracles at Tubrid Well the old man did relate
With the dreaded reaper of all lives he too has had his date
Perhaps he tells his stories now up there by heaven’s gate.

poem “Miracles at Tubrid” by Francis Duggan

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