Digital Television – Don’t get Left Behind!

On October 24th 2012 you will no longer be able to use your TV aerial to receive the TV signal as you have since TV was introduced into Ireland in the 1950s. The signal will be changing to a digital service so you’ll need to be ready by then to ensure that you can still watch your favourite programmes. It’s easy to check whether you need to do something:

A. If you get your TV through a Pay-TV provider, like Sky or UPC, you’re ok!

B. If you get your TV through an aerial, you need to do one of the following:

  1. Get SAORVIEW: you can either get a SAORVIEW-approved set-top box, (about €70+, or get a SAORVIEW-approved new TV, (about €130+). You can install it yourself, or get a friend or TV installer to help. You still need your aerial: very few people need to get a new one. In some cases the aerial may need adjusting, and a local TV installer can do this work for you, or
  2. Get Pay-TV with a monthly bill (approximately €25 per month) from a provider such as Sky, UPC, etc.

Community and Voluntary organisations in your area are involved in reaching people who may get left behind and assisting them to make the switch to digital TV before 24th October this year.

If you know someone who you think could do with some help, Please:

  • Ask them if they’ve made the switch, and if not
  • Sit down with them and give them the basic information above,
  • Ask them if they would like some further help.

A ‘Digital Switchover Champion’ is coordinating efforts in your area.

Please contact Patricia Bevan on 02752266 or <email> if you would like to get involved or have any questions.


Read more about the digital switchover on

More on the West Cork Development Partnership


Below is the longer newsletter from the West Cork Development Partnership:

“Community Organisations to assist in Digital Switchover”

Community organisations in the area are gearing up to assist older and more isolated people to make the switch to digital television.  As the analogue signal for receiving TV will be switched off on 24th October, viewers who use an aerial will need to check if they need to upgrade their TV equipment so they will continue to receive TV after that date.  While most people are expected to get around to it, a new Community Outreach programme is targeting people who, for whatever reason, are less likely to make the change in time.

Patricia Bevan is the Digital Outreach Champion for the county, working with West Cork Development Partnership.   She will involve a wide range of organisations to help create greater awareness and understanding of the Digital Switchover in this area and around West and North-West Cork.  Volunteers from these organisations will identify people who might have difficulty making the switch and will assist them to do so.

Patricia Bevan said that she believed that a huge community effort is needed.  “We need to make sure that people are not afraid of this change, and there will be great benefits, such as getting a clearer and more consistent picture on your television. It’s actually very easy to make the switch.  For people that get their TV service through a Pay-TV provider over satellite or cable, they don’t need to worry about their own TV service.  But if you get your TV through an aerial, you need to either get SAORVIEW or Pay-TV.  A SAORVIEW-approved set-top box, or a SAORVIEW-approved new television, will mean you can continue to get the Irish channels for free.  Or you could get Pay-TV with a monthly bill from a provider such as Sky or UPC.”

She continued “But even if you’ve sorted out your own TV service, your neighbours or friends may need assistance.  We need people to get involved in helping people around them: volunteers who already know the people in this community that may need some help and are in a position to reach them.  We’re all going to work hard right up to 24th October, relying on the deeply ingrained Irish tradition of caring for our neighbours.  We need to make sure that nobody gets left behind.”

The Community Outreach Switchover Programme is being run in every county and is a partnership between The Wheel, an umbrella body for the community and voluntary sector, and the leading voice for rural Ireland, Irish Rural Link, with funding from the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources.  Patricia Bevan and the West Cork Development Partnership were chosen following a competitive selection process and undertook training in early March.

Patricia Bevan continued: “The West Cork Development Partnership is delighted to be involved in the programme.  Television is an important part of people’s lives, particularly those who are living alone or more isolated.  I’d love to hear from people and organisations who would like to get involved in this exciting effort.  We know there are lots of people out there who care. This programme is based on providing simple and clear information to the target group, giving them practical help without having to get technical”.

If you’re interested in getting involved or would like further information, contact Patricia Bevan at 0872201356 / 027 52266 (1) or <email>

3 thoughts on “Digital Television – Don’t get Left Behind!”

  1. Those who may think about the pay tv option should bear in mind that UPC will never charge for a callout.Have ITV1,2,3 and4 in their basic channel lineup which can also be recorded.ESPN is provided for e few euro extra monthly,lots of live football.Also those who opt for the Digital select package will have tv player plus boxed BBC and ITV series available by September at no extra cost by calling up upc player.Setanta Ireland is included in the basic package.All information at

  2. Michael,UPC offers provides a service for non cabled areas by wireless called MMDS.Chorus which was purchased by UPC used to serve your area.Contact UPC free phone 1908 or email <email> coast tv went bankrupt so UPC may be available.I know that the company has customers in Ballincollig,so a relay wireless signal may be available.

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