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Cork Music Station continues to broadcast the very best of Country-and-Western music plus Irish on a nightly basis.   At this moment dj William Fitzgerald is broadcasting.  Our “Radio Treasures” transmission was interrupted this evening due to a slow internet connection possibly affected by present weather conditions.   Looking forward to next week’s programme on Tuesday from 8 to 9 pm.  (S.R.)

Regional Report 1111 – 17th April 2012


Eily Buckley

Dia is mhuire diobh go leir a cairde and welcome to News Report 1111  from Millstreet.

Fondest greetings dear listeners and I wish you all the very best on this rather wet  but mild Tuesday morning.

The AGM of the Lotto Committee was held at the Wallis Arms Hotel on Friday night. It was very well attended, and all three participating bodies were represented, they are the Town Park, the GAA and the Community Council. Joint Chairmen Denis Twomey and Councillor Noel Buckley presided. Secretary Marie Twomey, read the minutes of the previous AGM and the treasurer’s report made very pleasant reading .The lotto which was set up in 1994, is one of  our most successful ventures ever, continuing to raise valuable funds to keep our key projects going. Copies of the Treasurer’s report are available on request.

Noel Buckley thanked the public for their continued support and thanked Billy and Ellen at the Wallis Arms for the  free use of their room on Sunday nights for the checking of tickets. Votes of sympathy were extended to Johnny O’Keeffe on the  death of Lena and to the Kiely family on the recent passing of Brendan, both long serving members of the lotto in their time, RIP. [read more …] “Regional Report 1111 – 17th April 2012”

Joanne to address UN technology conference


From the Examiner: Joanne O’Riordan, 15, from Millstreet, will deliver a keynote speech to the UN’s International Telecommunication Union on how technology has helped to advance her life through education and social interaction with others.

Joanne, who was born without limbs due to a condition known as total Amelia syndrome, is the only person with a disability to be invited to Girls in Technology, a global conference featuring some of the worlds’ leading women in technology.

Joanne hopes her address on Apr 26th will empower others to [read more …] “Joanne to address UN technology conference”

Clara Mountain Run 2012 Results

Another beautiful April evening for the Clara Mountain Race (15th April 2012) saw 46 competitors run from the Presbtry on the Clara Rd to the top of Clara and back again. The winner Tim O’Donoghue from East Cork ran away with it with an unbelievable time of 29 minutes and 31 seconds, taking 65 seconds off the best time for the Clara Run in the last ten years (though conditions underfoot were perfect). Only just ahead at the top from David Power (18 secs) and Ed Murphy (24 secs), he powered down the mountain to win by 1:19. Similarly in the womens, only 14 seconds separated Ida Donovan from Elaine O’Donoghue at the top, but Ida attacked the downhill to win by a convincing margin of 2 minutes.

Best from Millstreet was Donal Coffey in 7th, while Brian Murphy, Donal Cashman, Mary Finn and Shane Browne also made it up and down the mountain.

The race was followed by [read more …] “Clara Mountain Run 2012 Results”