The Old Cross

The old cross on top of Clara Mountain in the evening sun with Millstreet in the valley below to the right. The cross had been there since 1982 but was so dilapidated that it was recently felled to make way for a new one. Tradition had it that the Leaving Cert students would go to the top of Clara before the final exams. That year (2010), one of them tied their old school shirt up high around the top of the cross, and it lasted there for a few months. It makes for a very interesting and peaceful photo.

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1 thought on “The Old Cross”

  1. God this bring alot of good memories, myself & the lads,Denis & Diarmaid climbing clara mountain & looking down on our house at the foot of it,shouting at my brothers to wait for me as we land home full of muck & bramble scratches,enjoying the freedom. Once we reached the top we would scream down at my mother standing at our front door (thinking she could hear us but obviously she couldnt as she was a like a little dot from where we were standing),those were the good days, fresh air & freedom you couldnt beat it x

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