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Looking for Buckley descendants. My grandfather Denis Buckley was born 22 Feb 1871 in Dooneen/Drishane. He migrated to USA and married Bridget White in 1898 in Little Falls, New York. My grandfather’s brother was John Buckley, born 1 May 1854. The Census of 1911 shows that John Buckley age 56 resided at house #21 in Dooneen/Drishane as head of family; wife Elizabeth Buckley-age 42 and children were: Denis Buckley-age 22, Julia Buckley-age 20, John Buckley-age18, Jeremiah Buckley-age 15, Mary Buckley-age 13, Stephen Buckley-age 11, Kate Buckley-age 8, Elizabeth Buckley-age 5, and Hannah Buckley- age 2.
I would like to contact anyone who is related to the nine children listed above. Thank you, Richard Buckley <email>

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  1. Some information i got by phone from a reliable source:

    Descendants of one of Buckleys you are asking about (Denis Buckley-age 22) are asking about are still in the Millstreet area. These Buckleys live on the opposite side of Millstreet to Dooneen, in the townland of Lackadota (about 4 miles south-east of Millstreet). To differentiate from other Buckleys, locally they would be known as the John Densie’s (i suspect Densie referrs to Denis Buckley-age 22)

    The brother Stephen you refer to was a guard in Limerick. He was a big strong man.

    Another brother Jerome (Jeremiah) – lived in Dooneen until he died. He was a married to a woman known as Big Peig. She moved to a house in a house in the hollow on Drishane road after Jerome’s death.

    Incidentally an Elizabeth Maher (née Buckley) of the same family of Buckleys, Lackadota died last December in Co. Carlow. see:

    1. I am the great granddaughter of Daniel Daniel Buckley from Millstreet, Cork. My great grandfather Daniel was born 3 Apr/May 1872 in Millstreet, Cork. He was apprenticed as a tailor at the age of 6 and was a fully fledged tailor at age 14. He came with his family to the United States when he was 16. He died in North Adams, Berkshire, MA on 14 Jul 1936.

      His parents were Daniel Buckley m. Ellen Hickey, who was born Nov 1842 widowed after being married for 35 years since 1865. She had 10 children of whom 5 survived. Their other children are Eugene (born Nov 1865), Cornelius (born Apr 1870), John (born Sep 1880), and Kate (born Jun 1871) m. Dennis Falvey. She had 4 children of whom 3 survived.

      Daniel and Ellen may have originally been from Cullen, but not sure. Any help would be most appreciated.

  2. Michael,
    Thank you for the information regarding the Buckleys of Lackadota and also the death notice of Elizabeth Maher (nee Buckley). This provides the foundation to obtain more information about the “John Densie’s”. Any additional information you acquire will be appreciated.
    Richard Buckley

  3. Richard,
    My Great Grandfather Denis Buckley lived in Little Falls, NY. He had a daughter Helen White Buckley, my grandmother. Her married name was Helen White Gargiulo. I have a photo of Denis and his wife but I thought her name was Delia. They also had a son Francis.
    What do you think?

  4. Mark,

    Yes, your grandmother Helen was my aunt…she was sister to my father, Joseph Denis Buckley (Francis was youngest of four children…oldest was Katherine). Delia is like a nickname for Bridget … the name that appears on my grandmother’s birth certificate. Your grandmother Helen was a lovely woman.

  5. Richard,

    I hope you get this message, as I happened upon your post by accident.

    My grandfather was Stephen Buckley born 1900 in Millstreet (I believe he is the “Stephen Buckley-age 11” referred to in your original post). My grandfather emigrated to the US in the late 1920s or 1930s where he met and married another Millstreet native, one Catherine (“Kitty”) Long, born 1909. My grandfather was trained as a carpenter. My grandmother cooked and kept house in the Boston area. They had four boys, named John, Kevin, Stephen Jr. (my father), and Gerald. My grandfather Stephen died in 1984 and my grandmother died in 1993. All four sons and their families still reside in the Boston area. I am the lone exception as I now live in New York City.

    My grandfather’s sister also emigrated to the Boston area, she was known to me as “Molly” – I imagine this is the “Mary Buckley-age 13” in your post. She married a man surnamed Hart and they also have descendants currently living in the Boston area.

    I believe my grandfather’s older brother John also emigrated for a short time to the US but returned to Ireland.

    Also, a quick correction: a part of Michael’s response to your original post (“The brother Stephen you refer to was a guard in Limerick. He was a big strong man”) is incorrect. The Buckley he is referring to would be my great uncle Daniel (my grandfather’s younger brother, whom I am named after), he was a guard in Limerick and like my grandfather was a big strong man indeed! In fact, all the Buckley men I know stand at least 6 feet tall, my father the tallest of the bunch at 6 feet 5 inches. Anyway, my great uncle Daniel Buckley (the Limerick guard) was much younger than my grandfather and thus was likely born after the 1911 census you refer to. He had three children (John, Mary, Anne Marie) who all still live in Ireland. John is a doctor living in Kinsale. Mary works for IDA Ireland and, though married, still goes by Mary Buckley. She lived in New York City for a while but moved back to Ireland in 2010.

    Here’s a listing of the descendants of Stephen Buckley born 1900 in Millstreet:

    Stephen & Catherine (Long) Buckley:

    -John (born early 1940s) & Nancy (Aldridge) Buckley
    –daughter: Kerry (Buckley) Kaufmann (Kerry was born 1969 and has a daughter named Kelsey and a son named Charlie)
    –daughter: Denise (Buckley) Ali (Denise was born early 1970s and has two boys, Jack and Thomas)
    –daughter: Marlene (Buckley) Shea (Marlene was born mid-1970s and has a daughter named Caitlin)
    –son: John Buckley, Jr. (born 1979, no children)

    -Kevin Buckley (born mid-1940s – my uncle Kevin has no children; he was tragically paralysed at the age of 18 and has been bound to a wheelchair ever since) (Admin addition: RIP March 27th 2015)

    -Stephen (born 1949) & Susan (Bliss) Buckley
    –daughter: Sarah (Buckley) Rodenhi (my sister Sarah was born 1978 and has a girl named after our grandmother Catherine and a son named Owen)
    –son: Daniel Buckley (born 1980, no children yet, but married!)
    –son: Timothy Buckley (born 1984 just weeks after my grandfather passed, middle name is Stephen after my grandfather, also no kids)

    -Gerald (born 1953) & Candice (Dowd) Buckley
    –daughter: Lietra (Buckley) Fitzsimons (Lietra was born 1980 and has a daughter also named Catherine and a son named John)
    –son: Stephen Buckley (born 1981, no children)
    –son: Patrick Buckley (born 1984, no children)
    –daughter: Dorothy Buckley (born 1986, no children)

    All great grandchildren of Stephen & Catherine Buckley are under 10 years old. My father and uncles are still in touch with other parts of the Buckley family in Millstreet, including a John Buckley who I believe is one of the “John Densies”.

    I hope this helps!

    Daniel Buckley

  6. My Grandmother was Katerine Lane born in Millstreet in 1895 — brother Connie, sisters Mora, Babe and Sr. Stan — they were first cousins to Mick Buckley who owned the pub and many of the other Buckley’s who owned the Chemist Shop, and other businesses in the town — also first cousin of Nodie Burton of Ballinhassig who was Chairwoman of the ICA (1964-1967), and Kit Bowan of Bowan’s Cross, Ballygarvan ….. I am 50 years old now but have fond memories of visiting Millstreet when I was a child.

    1. We must be related! Connie Lane was a cousin of my father and my grandmother was Catherine Lane.
      My father was Tomothy D.Buckley – one of 5 sons of Catherine abd Denis P. Buckley and Auntie Nodie was my aunt.

  7. Hi Richard
    Like Daniel ,I stumbled upon your message!
    it was interesting to see that the Dooneen Buckleys’ connection with the US wasn’t started by Daniels grandfather (Stephen)and Stephen’s siblings Denis (Densie) Julia, Molly (Mary),Jeremiah ( Jerome) and Elisabeth, and that it went back at least a generation earlier!
    Denis and Jeremiah returned to Ireland. Denis was back before the War of Independence broke out and legend has it that when the British forces were rounding up the Buckley brothers ,Denis would wave his US passport and claim immunity from incarceration!
    John (Sean) was especially active in the war of Independence and was Captain of Dooneen Company of the IRA. Stephen was also actively involved.
    Sean died in 1945 aged 54 from Weils disease (leptospirosis) picked up while picking potatoes and coming in contact with infected rat urine (which was frequently fatal at that time in Ireland). He lived on in Dooneen. Jeremiah I believe subsequently married Peig . They had no children. Jeremiah predeceased her and the home and farm passed out of Buckley ownership unfortunately.
    There were two other siblings born after the 1911 census, my father Daniel (April 1912- August 2 1998)) and Abina.
    I first went to the US on a J1 Visa in 1978 and stayed with Molly in 32 Hilltop St Dorchester and met many cousins ( a lot older than I) for the first time that hadn’t been to Ireland.
    Janice( Mollys daughter) lived downstairs from Molly and was friendly with Kathleen (if I recall correctly)who was Elisabeth’s daughter. I believe Elizabeth died in thee US quite young. Mary Ogg ( Julia’s daughter called in to see Molly frequently. I recall Mary was recovering from a broken leg that summer)
    Like his brothers my father didn’t speak much about his upbringing and family history. I would imagine it was quite “disruptive”given the times!
    My father Daniel was a Garda. He married my mother Mary Brigid Daly (1921-2013)from Shronedraugh, Headford,Co. Kerry . They met in Limerick where myself and my sisters Mary and Anne Marie grew up. We are all married with families and all live in Ireland now
    If there are any specifics you or anyone needs to know I may be able to provide some further information.
    John Buckley

    1. A daughter has alerted me to this correspondence which I fond fascinating.
      I was born in Millstreet in 1935 but I think our Buckleys came to Millstreet from Aubane on the side of Mushera mountain SW of Millstreet – I got this info from a 2nd cousin who is a sister of Noel C Duggan – a wellknown Millstreet businessman.
      I think the Dooneen Buckleys are a different branch of the tribe. There are no Johns in our lot – Denis,Timothy.Michael ,Cornelius and Patrick are the family names of the last generation. Auntie Nodie(Nora) was my aunt.
      I am a Timothy – as my father was -but my older brother is a Denis!
      P.S. I live in Douglas,Cork, too!
      Ted Buckley.

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