Members of Reunion Group after Mass on 16/03/2012

Some of the many members of the Reunion Group of 1976-1981of Millstreet Community School following Mass at St. Patrick’s Church where five deceased members of those years were especially remembered.

3 thoughts on “Members of Reunion Group after Mass on 16/03/2012”

  1. HI, to all from the class reunion, hope you had a GREAT night. Would have loved to have been there with you.

    Have a GREAT St. Patricks Day to all in Millstreet Town.

    Best Wishes from Norma .

  2. Hi everyone ,

    Would love to have been there but unfortunately could n’t make it .
    I’m sure it was a great night .

    Jacqueline .

  3. Looking forward to the pics! Would have loved to have been there! Hope you all had a good night.


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