Gobnait Twomey’s Wonderful 90th Birthday Party

A wonderful gathering of family and friends celebrating at the home of Annmarie and Jerry O’Mahony, Clara, Millstreet on the splendidly uplifting occasion of the 90th birthday of Gobnait Twomey, Murphy’s Terrace on Friday, 20th January 2012. Gobnait is seated at centre wearing her birthday badge. More pictures to follow later. A very Happy Birthday, Gobnait - Sincere Friend of so many people. (S.R.)

5 thoughts on “Gobnait Twomey’s Wonderful 90th Birthday Party”

  1. Congratulations, Gubby! Wonderful to see you all enjoying yourselves on your special birthday. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your photos on the Millstreet website….You are all having a wonderful January with your birthday and the wedding! Best wishes to you all, Breeda and Kate.

  2. many congrats gobnait,lovely to see you looking so well and having all of your family with you to celebrate.you were a great neighbour to all of us and we wish you continued good health and happiness.all the kellehers no.4

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