A Musical Welcome to the New Year

Following 6.30 p.m. Mass at St. Patrick's Church, Millstreet this New Year's Eve, Millstreet Pipe Band welcomed in the New Year as it has for many years by giving a most enjoyable musical recital on the Church Grounds which was much appreciated by the many people who had been attending Mass. A very Happy and Bright 2012 to all our wonderfully loyal website visitors. (Website Team)

from the Corkman 5th Jan 2012
MILLSTREET Pipe Band maintained a long standing tradition on New Year’s Eve with a recital. Following 6.30pm Mass, the Pipe Band played outside St. Patrick’s Church much to the enjoyment of the departing congregation.

Over the past six decades, Millstreet Pipe Band have performed the width and breadth of Munster and further afield, having commenced from humble beginnings in 1951 in the Minor Row Hall.

Their predecessors in town included a brass band, founded in 1881 by a German, Jackabo Wytz. A series of other bands followed over the next number of decades. but their lifespans were short before the seeds of the Millstreet Pipe Band were sown.

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  1. Happy New Year to the team at the Millstreet.ie website who do a great job keeping us up to date with all the news

    1. … and many happy returns to you too Denis. It’s been a pleasure and interest most of the time keeping the website up to date. Michael & the millstreet.ie team

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