Methodist Update for Christmas

Happy Christmas to Everyone.

Of course for many people in Ireland it will be a Christmas that will be very tight financially. With job losses, mounting debts and falling incomes many people will feel that they have little to celebrate. However Christmas is not about celebrating because all is well – it’s about celebrating the fact that in to our world God has come and he offer us himself whatever our circumstances. None of the main characters in the story of the first Christmas had much reason to celebrate. Mary and Joseph were a very young couple faced with bringing up a child in a world that was very hostile to children of doubtful parentage. Then there were the shepherds, a group of people who were much ostracised in those days and looked down on by everyone. However they all ended up celebrating and worshipping God because they realized that God was intervening in their world. So this Christmas let us all grasp the reason for the celebration – that in to a world of difficulty and pain and hardship, God has come. All of us can celebrate this Christmas not because we are happy or not happy or because we have money or we haven’t got money but because, whatever situation we find ourselves in, we can meet God personally.

There will be no meeting in Millstreet on Christmas Day but from Sunday the 1st January meetings will begin each Sunday evening at 7pm in the Canon O’Donovan Day Centre on Clara Road. For further information contact Laurence Graham at 064 6631613 or <email>

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