Noel’s 70th Birthday Celebrated at the “Clara Inn”

Although Noel's 70th Birthday does not take place until Christmas Eve, a truly wonderful celebration especially paid tribute to the ever-popular Noel Collins of Clara Road at the "Clara Inn" on Thursday, 22nd December 2011 when his wife, Eileen and many Friends assembled for a most enjoyable occasion.

We thank Fergal in Australia (son of Noel & Eileen) for alerting us to Noel’s special birthday.   Noel celebrated his 60th Birthday in Sydney, Australia.  ” For the past 70 years,” says Noel,  “I have only received  presents for one occasion – my Christmas and Birthday presents always coincided!”  Now we realise why Noel is called Noel – his birthday could not be closer to Christmas.   Here we share images for the splenid evening in the “Clara Inn” including the point when Ursula Pomeroy brought in the superb cake.   Happy Birthday, Noel and Happy Christmas to All.   (S.R.)

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