Last Man Standing update

The first Last Man Standing has drawn to a close with Eamon McCaul and Colin Healy both knocked out this week leaving them to share the jackpot. €225 on it’s way to each of them. Well done to the lads and thanks to all who took part in the competition. [see the full final results of the first competition]

In the second Last Man Standing which started last weekend, defeat for Newcastle along with draws for Liverpool and Norwich has brought the number of players left from 160 to 42 after just 2 rounds of games. Here is the latest situation in the competition [read more …] “Last Man Standing update”

Noel’s 70th Birthday Celebrated at the “Clara Inn”

Although Noel's 70th Birthday does not take place until Christmas Eve, a truly wonderful celebration especially paid tribute to the ever-popular Noel Collins of Clara Road at the "Clara Inn" on Thursday, 22nd December 2011 when his wife, Eileen and many Friends assembled for a most enjoyable occasion.

We thank Fergal in Australia (son of Noel & Eileen) for alerting us to Noel’s special birthday.   Noel celebrated his 60th Birthday in Sydney, Australia.  ” For the past 70 years,” says Noel,  “I have only received  presents for one occasion – my Christmas and Birthday presents always coincided!”  Now we realise why Noel is called Noel – his birthday could not be closer [read more …] “Noel’s 70th Birthday Celebrated at the “Clara Inn””