Who will you vote for in the Presidential Election 2011?

To get an idea of the mood of people, here’s a quick poll to see who do you intend voting for in tomorrow’s Presidential Election 2011? It’s totally anonymous, and you can choose up to three candidates.
Note: Poll was closed at 9am on the morning of the election.
[poll id=”4″]

As it turned out. First preferences in Cork North west went like this:

  1. 38.4% Sean Gallagher
  2. 34.3% Michael D. Higgins
  3. 11.3% Martin Mc Guinness
  4. 7.6% Gay Mitchel

Details are from irishpoliticalmaps.blogspot.ie

5 thoughts on “Who will you vote for in the Presidential Election 2011?”

  1. A bit of skullduggery by some Martin McGuinness supporter(s) methinks. Up to 6pm this evening he had 7 votes … then in the space of 30 minutes he got 19 votes to put him on top, most of the votes coming from a Tor Anonymity Network to make it look like the votes are coming from different people, so i figure someone was trying to ramp up his vote. GRRRRR … politics and dirty tricks!!!
    Still he’s not on top of the polls anymore 😉

    From the admin

  2. Does this poll include ex-pats who have been denied the vote because they somehow left their citizenship behind at the airport?

  3. Of course, you can vote in this poll if
    * you’re an ex-pat,
    * you’re not Irish and been living here for years but still don’t have the vote,
    * you’re under 18,
    * whatever other reason.

    Maybe I should have called the poll “Who do you want to be the next President of Ireland?”. In any event this poll closes in the morning as the voting booths open.

    … and i’m not going to get drawn into an argument of who can / cannot vote in elections in Ireland. that’s just a minefield!

    See who can & cannot vote in the elections:

  4. Cork North West 1st count RESULT (6:21pm): Gallagher 38.4%; Higgins 34.3%; McGuinness 11.6%; Mitchell 7.6%; Norris 3.7%; Scallon 3%; Davis 1%

    Results are quite similar to our poll !

    See all the Election Count news updates as they come in on the RTE News website.

  5. Place these poll results in a envelope along with a photograph of all the candidates it might just be worth Money (5GS even) and if not it will help us to forget because anything to do with brown envelopes seems to shade our recollection

    Well done Micky D

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