Genealogy: Fordes, Riordans and Buckleys

Mike Cotter has a number of queries of people from the Millstreet area:
1) I am trying to find out anything that people might know of the family/descendants of a Patrick Forde and his wife Julia (Riordan), who lived in Gortaveha, Drishane at the end of the 1800’s. I know that two sons of theirs emigrated to the States and one grandchild, Nellie Forde, was born in 1895 in Scotland.
2) I am also interested in finding any descendants of a Dan and Margaret Riordan who lived in Toorboney, who were married in 1903 and had the following children; Tim, Julia, John, Michael and Hannah, all born between 1903 and 1911.
3) Lastly, I would also like to make contact with, or find out about the family of Dan Buckley and Johanna Riordan, who were married on 9/2/1896, and lived in Caherbarnagh. They had 8 children; William, Margaret, Tim, Julia, Mary, Hannah, Josephine and Daniel.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Mike Cotter

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1 thought on “Genealogy: Fordes, Riordans and Buckleys”

  1. Hello Mike!

    Daniel Forde and Julia Reardon are my great grandparents! Nellie was married to my grandfather Daniel Ford. She was a Carey from Kilkenny. Check out my trees on .


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