Resting at Mount Leader House

This fabulous photo was taken in front of Mount Leader House during one of the walks of the Millstreet Walking Festival last weekend. (more photos below)

We started at the Wallis Arms, up Liscahane, across to The Lodge on Macroom Road, rested at the ancesteral home of the Leaders (Mount Leader House). Through mature woodland to the viewing point of Musheramore mountain Coomatrush and Millstreet in general. Great day for the walk and we had a group of 30 with us.

(With thanks to Mary O’Mahony who allowed us to use the photos)

See the details of the Millstreet Walking Festival (September 2011)

2 thoughts on “Resting at Mount Leader House”

  1. The picture of the Mill Street walkers resting up brought tears to my eyes. This used to be our family home before it was sold. Can anyone tell fill me in on the events of the past years. I am researching whether my grandfather was born in Ireland with a view post Brexit whether I am eligible for an Irish password.
    Thanks for any contribution.

    1. hi Nick, i don’t have the history of Mount Leader, other than this short piece
      “The Leaders remained at Mount Leader until the end of the nineteenth century when the property when the property was sold. Nicholas Pomeroy who had bought it from the Kellehers (Irish Tourist Association Survey 1944). The last occupant of the house was Jerome Pomeroy who lived at Mount Leader until the early 1970s.” It simply became too costly to maintain.
      During the Irish War of Independence, British Forces (L Company) commandeered the house (May 1921) and stayed until demobilisation in Jan 1922.

      i’ll have to leave it someone to fill in the history properly.

      i’ll have to ask which of the Leaders was your grandfather, Nick isn’t much to go on, unless you’re “Simon Nicholas (b 1966)”:
      * Eunace Lionel (b.1898)
      * Nicholas Lionel (b.1937)
      * Robert Frederick (b.1913)
      … or one of the others. just get back and we’ll see what we can figure out

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