Pommerit le Vicomte Visit 2011 – Part Two

Enjoying the wonderful sunshine and magnificent setting of Pontrieux after Mass on the Sunday.

Our Sunday begins in Pommerit le Vicomte where we assemble before driving to nearby beautiful Pontrieux where we attend Mass followed by a very enjoyable stroll through the charming town which has the river flowing through making it a truly exquisite setting.   In the afternoon Yves and Josiane took me to a very interesting bazaar (or car boot sale) which happened to be taking place in Pommerit le Vicomte.   Then we proceeded on to the historic village of St. Fiacre where a splendid local cultural festival was taking place.   Here we got to meet some great friends whom we had got to know over our twenty-five years of twinning.   Our visit was blessed with excellent weather throughout the week.   We shall later continue our feature on our trip to Brittany.   (S.R.)

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