Denny Owen

Born and raised in Claraghatlea a mile from the Town of Millstreet and admired and respected and widely known
And though he had lived for years in Bandon we used to claim him as one of our own
And as a primary school going boy in the fifties to this day I can recall
When Denny Owen the Politician was a Minister in Ireland’s Dail.

In the murky game of Politics Denny Owen was a rarity
When he gave his word he kept it he was as honest as could be
And a favourite quote of old Den Looney’s was ‘we will stick by Denny Owen’
As a brother to Matt and son to Mary Annie he is still one of our own.

Denny Owen the Politician in north Cork was a household name
From Claraghatlea a mile from Millstreet he began his trek to fame
And as a TD and Cork County Councillor he became known far and wide
And we felt proud of the achievements of one from our own countryside.

In General Election times in Millstreet after second mass on sunday
People from the church at West End up through Main Street made their way
For to listen to the Politicians speaking in the old Town Square
Though back then the uncommitted voters one might say were very rare.

From the trailer of a lorry Denny Owen addressed the crowd
And as he revved up his supporters they clapped and they cheered him long and loud
He made some of his finer speeches in The Square in Millstreet Town
Close to where he spent his boyhood years before he knew of renown.

To these North Cork Politicians I still keep on harking back
To Denny Owen and Big Con Meaney, Donal Creed and Paddy Mac,
Dan and Eileen Desmond and Ted Linehan and Sean Moylan from Kiskeam
And Sonny Corkery and Phil Burton they too enjoyed their spells of fame.

Donal Moynihan and Tom Meaney and Thade and Mrs Hartnett from Knocknagree
Those great names I still remember they keep coming back to me
And Donal Crowley amongst others the flag for Duhallow flew
Yet in the field of career politics the winners seem so few.

Born and raised in Claraghatlea north he was still one of our own
And from my boyhood years in Millstreet I remember Denny Owen
In the rough and tumble game of politics great success he did enjoy
And though now with the departed his name and fame will never die.

by Francis Duggan


Denis J. (Owen) O’Sullivan (5 March 1918 – 20 July 1987) was an Irish Fine Gael politician. He was first elected to Dáil Éireann at his second attempt at the 1951 general election. He served as a Fine Gael TD for various Cork constituencies until losing his seat in the 1965 general election. He served in the Second Inter-Party Government of John A. Costello as Government Chief Whip from 1954–1957.

1951 (Cork North) elected
1954 (Cork North) elected
1957 (Cork North) elected
1961 (Mid Cork) elected
1965 (Mid Cork) not elected. Edged out by his FG running partner Donal Creed.


from Elections Ireland

Denis James O’Sullivan2

Born: 5 March 1918     Died: 20 July 1987    Age: 69 years 4 months 15 days


 Date   Election   Party   Status   Constituency   Seat   Count   Votes   Share   Quota 

 1948   13th Dail  Fine Gael lozenge  Not Elected  Cork North  4,741   15.90%
 1951   14th Dail   Fine Gael lozenge  Elected  Cork North  1  7,824   25.88%
 1954   15th Dail   Fine Gael lozenge  Elected  Cork North  2  7,355   24.91%
 1957   16th Dail   Fine Gael lozenge  Elected  Cork North  1  7,911   28.64%
 1961   17th Dail   Fine Gael lozenge  Elected  Cork Mid  2  7,787   21.18%
 1965   18th Dail  Fine Gael lozenge  Not Elected  Cork Mid  4,935   12.30%
 2 August 1972   By Election  Fine Gael lozenge  Not Elected  Cork Mid  12,530   31.64%


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