Methodist Update September 2011

Methodist meetings in Millstreet now every week
I hope everyone had a nice summer despite the weather. We were delighted over the summer months to welcome some new people attending our meetings. This has led to the decision being taken that from now on our meetings will be every week instead of just twice a month. We will continue to meet in the Canon O’Donovan Centre (kindly granted) on Clara Road in Millstreet town. The meetings will take place every Sunday evening at 7.00 p. m. They will continue to take the form of an informal time of singing praise songs to God and then studying a passage from the Bible together. The Bible is God’s Living Word and he never fails to speak to us through it.
All of our meetings are open to everyone so you are welcome to attend. For further information please contact Rev. Laurence Graham on 064 6631613 or <email>

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