Margaret Reen’s 100th Birthday – Part Three – The Reception at Green Glens

The exact moment of Margaret Reen's 100th Birthday at midnight on 7th June 2011. The Reception at Green Glens had begun with the celebration of Mass on Monday, 6th June at 7.00 p.m..

Green Glens looked absolutely superb with its colourful balloons, magnificent Catering Arrangements, marvellous audio-visual presentation, wonderful music, truly unique birthday cake and, above all, a very real and great atmosphere of friendship and heartfelt welcome.   It was such a very special occasion described so perfectly by editor Denis Reardon in his editorial in the current issue of “Clara News”.   Thank you sincerely for having logged  (in your thousands in fact)  into our presentations of some of the highlights from the truly marvellous occasion of the 100th Birthday celebrations for Mrs. Margaret Reen.    A very Happy Birthday from everyone.  (S.R.)

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  1. In today’s Irish Independent (June 25th 2011) there is a mention of Mrs Reen, the die-hard Kerry football supporter:

    “Margaret Reen is a football mother. Margaret, from Rathmore in Kerry, celebrated her 100th birthday lately.
    She has lived in Millstreet, Co Cork, for most of her life. Her children support Cork and she had them playing for The Street. Margaret is Kerry to the core and next week before the Munster final she will refer to her family as ‘ye’. For the rest of the year that marvellous woman will turn ‘ye’ into ‘we’.”

    Read the article in the Irish Independent

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