Margaret Reen

A century of years and two World Wars her life thus far has spanned
She has to be one of the oldest people in Ireland
Margaret the widow of the late Millstreet Chemist Frank Reen
Four hundred Seasons of living she has seen

At Noel C Duggan’s Green Glens arena her family and friends did congregate
Her one hundreth birthday party for to celebrate
Millstreet’s oldest person was in the limelight
For Margaret and her family a memorable night

A century of memories she has to recall
Not many she went to school with now living if any at all
Yes perhaps all of her childhood friends to the Reaper have gone
And she at one hundred does keep on keeping on

A good mother to her children and to Frank Reen a good wife
A woman who has lived an honorable and a long life
One can say of her she’s a true evergreen
A toast to the health of the young at heart Margaret Reen

In the Green Glens Arena her friends and family did sing
Happy birthday to one who will see in next Spring
On Margaret Reens’s as on all lives the clock ticks away
But her one hundred will not be her final birthday.

by Francis Duggan

Margaret and Frank Reen

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