Regional Report 1067 – 7th June 2011


Eily Buckley


Dia is mhuire diobh go leir  a cairde and welcome to news report 1067 from Millstreet.

Fondest greetings dear listeners and I wish you all the very best .and it’s great to be back with you following my three weeks break. A million thanks to dear Sean Radley for keeping the show on the road during my absence.

Millstreet is still rocking from the wonderful party that was held at the Green Glens last night to celebrate the 100th birthday of Mrs. Margaret Reen. Our heartiest congratulations goes out to this most gracious of ladies. Up to ten priests helped to concelebrate Mass at the Green Glens including her first cousin , 92 yr old Fr. White who travelled all the way from the far ends of America to be with her and her family and friends for her big night. A wonderful meal was served by the Doody Family of Kingdom caterers.  And at 12 ‘o clock midnight  which marked her actual 100th birthday the crowd of over 500 family and friends gathered round to show their love and esteem for this lovely lady who has been such an icon of love and caring since coming to our town as our chemists , the late Frank Reen’s wife in the early 40s.We wish her many more years of health and Happiness in our midst. Mrs. Reen  who is a great grand mother herself, can recall speaking to her own great grand mother, who was born in 1814, thus covering a staggering 7 generations of her own family.  Look up our website for all the details.

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Poultry Day at The Secret Garden Centre 12th June

Our third Poultry Day this year and it is a great opportunity to buy your hens, ducks etc as well as gain advice on all things poultry. This is a great event as there is no fee to attend and you can have a cuppa and a slice of cake in the tea room.

We also hope to have the owner of Newmarkets Champion Chick Selling her birds see the link for full details:

12th June 2011 2-5pm The Secret Garden Centre Newmarket

For more details phone 029 60084 or