LTV2 Programme 187

Intro Song-00:00-03:57
Programme Intro-03:58-12:16
Eily Buckleys Regional Report-12:25-16:22
Ann Marie O`Riordan CD Launch-16:23-21:00
Competition and Fun Time-21:12-23:52
Ann Marie O`Riordan CD Launch-23:53-45:23
Archives Section-45:38-58:05
Focus on Boherbue Over 50s Active Group-58:50-01:15:20
Music by Dermot Lyons-01:15:21-01:23:46
Music by Michael Collins-01:23:46-01:30:01
Programme Conclusion-01:30:02-01:34:54
Song by Big Tom(Going Out the same way we came in)

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