Michael O Connor

One of the famed Kippagh O Connors of athletics and gaelic football
So many marvellous memories of Michael to recall
Like that sunny afternoon in early Spring in Pound Hill in Millstreet
That he won a six mile road race he was so quick on his feet

His foxy hair blowing in the breeze as he raced down Pound Hill
We cheered him on to victory the memory with me still
With plenty running left in him he hit the winning line
Behind him no less an athlete than Rising Sun’s John O Brien

That night in the Millstreet pubs with him we did celebrate
In his prime he worked hard and he ran hard and he partied on till late
He was a marvellous character untainted by conceit
One who brought so much honour to the green strip of Millstreet

For to make such a statement i do not feel the least bit bold
Had he taken athletics seriously he may have competed for Olympic Gold
In his prime one of Ireland’s best athletes a champion of the Millstreet Club
But in his running days he drunk stronger stuff than lemonade when he was in the pub

A nicer person than him one could not wish to know or meet
And sad to think he died in his sixties Kippagh’s greatest athlete
A heart that was full of kindness is lifeless now and still
His remains at rest forever in view of Cashman’s Hill.

by Francis Duggan

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