5 thoughts on “White Hare at Millstreet Country Park”

  1. Wow,Irish mountain hares do not turn white in winter,unlike Scottish ones.Hope this doesnt mean another cold winter is on the way.

  2. Dara, the Irish Hare organisation are currently trying to figure out the apparent increase this year:

    from http://www.irishhare.org/whiteharesurvey.html

    “Although sightings of white hares are considered rare, there has been an apparent increase this year. We are conducting a survey to ascertain how widespread these individuals are and to what extent the white coloration continue throughout the year. Please send your sighting, along with your name*, date and nearest town or village, to <email>. Please attach a photograph** if you have one.”

    (irishhare.org is currently down, probably temporarily, as it was working fine yesterday)

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