LTV2: Programme 175

The great news for viewers and fans of LTV2 Millstreet is that they can now watch complete programmes from LTV2 Millstreet on Youtube, so for anyone who can`t receive the signal they can now catch up with LTV2 on YouTube instead. The first programme to be shown in full on YouTube is Programme 175 so sit back and enjoy the first full programme on the internet.

The programme has the usual studio discussion from the presenters, as well as the following features (and the start time)

  • Céilé Music from a session in Rockchapel 2007 (at the start, and at 30:30 mins)
  • Eily’s Regional Report (8:00)
  • Kealy Coaches Day Trip to the Shannon & Birr Castle (12:40mins)
  • Thought of the week with Fr James McSweeney (28:15)
  • Music by the popular Fitzi Chicks (36:00)
  • Music by Declan Nerny (40:00)
  • The Secret Garden show us how to grow a plumb tree (42:30)
  • Millstreet CS Debs, before they departed from the Square, August 2010 (58:00)
  • Davy Barrett in Studio (1:07:30)
  • Historic Rally of the Lakes 2003 (1:12:30)

Programme 175 was aired on January 13th 2011

See the LTV2 page on Facebook for more details.

2 thoughts on “LTV2: Programme 175”

  1. Many, many thanks to whoever made this possible: an excellent idea and great news for those of us in the Millstreet Diaspora.

  2. Sincere Congratulations to LTV2’s Bernard Crowley for achieving this truly uplifting milestone in the history of LTV2 Millstreet. Sharing complete programmes has always been a goal of our LTV2 Team so that we could share them with a wider and even a global audience. You Tube and Bernard have now made this possible. Happy viewing and always feel welcome to comment, to add suggestions and to indicate where in the nation or world you may be viewing our programmes.

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