Jack Casey With His Dog King Of Clara

Jack Casey with his dog King of Clara who had won a race at the Cork Track
Had to walk home due to missing out on their car drive a journey of close to forty miles back
To his home on the Clara Road by the Town of Millstreet going back at least six decades in time
When Jack was a hardy young person quite close to the peak of his prime

A journey of close to forty miles even by the short route a long walk for a man and his dog to undertake
But the courageous young man and his noble canine had spirit in them hard to break
They reached their home by Clara Mountain as a Summer dawn brightened the sky
Since Jack Casey and King of Clara’s long walk more than sixty Summers have gone by

Jack Casey not known as a sportsman in athletics he did not compete
But i recall him even as an old man he was hardy and quick on his feet
He went to the U S as a young man and returned home to grow old and to die in Millstreet
His long walk does live on in legend as quite a remarkable feat

The story of Jack Casey and King of Clara i often heard as a young boy
By the ageing mentors of my boyhood their stories i used to enjoy
From the old greyhound track in Cork City to Inchaleigh by Millstreet Town
Jack Casey and his dog King of Clara they walked their way into renown.

by Francis Duggan

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