Áine Collins (Fine Gael) Campaign Launched by Seán Kelly, M.E.P.

Pictured at the official launch of Fine Gael's Áine Collins Campaign in the Wallis Arms Hotel, Millstreet on Monday, 31st Jan. 2011 where a very large audience was in attendance. From left: Gerry Kelly, Seán Kelly (MEP), Áine Collins, Gerard Murphy, Noel Buckley and Patrick Buckley.

Áine has put a small album of photos of her launch night onto her Facebook page. If you’re on Facebook, you can see them here.

2 thoughts on “Áine Collins (Fine Gael) Campaign Launched by Seán Kelly, M.E.P.”

  1. Feeling quite left out of it here in Calgary, but blessed with technology, and with this wonderful website in particular, to be able to keep a close eye on what’s going on. Most importantly, get out there and vote!

    1. It’s a pity that we don’t allow people with Irish passports who have left the country recently to vote. Seems like one of very few countries to do it like that

      “More than 110 countries allow passport holders living abroad to vote. Ireland, with its long history of emigration, is not among of them. Unlike citizens of, say, Ghana, Mexico or the Dominican Republic, Irish people living outside the republic are barred from directly participating in the electoral process. Greece, the only other EU member with a similar policy, is in the process of amending its legislation following a successful appeal by two Greek nationals living in France that the law breached the European convention on human rights.” from the Irish Times

      All that said and done, what are the chances of voting by internet for all those that are away? pretty slim actually, due to a lot of reasons like hacking, auditing of results etc etc. It will probably come some day, but we’re still smarting from the electronic voting machine fiasco, which was a waste of time from the start as it would have given no real benefit over the paper system that is there already.

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