Áine Collins Campaign Launch

Local FG candidate Áine Collins is launching her campaign next Monday night 31st January at 8pm in the Wallis Arms. MEP Seán Kelly will be in attendance. All are welcome to go along and  find out more about her and what she stands for.

On Twitter she asks: “what issues are important to you, the people of Cork North West?“. Contact Áine on Twitter, Facebook, by email:<email>

1 thought on “Áine Collins Campaign Launch”

  1. Hi Aine,

    I was delighted to hear you were going for election – I know you will ‘win’ (Election Day 8:20pm) – I gave you number one earlier, a first for my ‘Fianna Fail’ household(others did too if I can believe them!) – I think for myself! – I’m forgetting about civil war politics and moving on(about time!), and I’m mostly voting for you because you have integrity, sincerity, honesty and hope.
    Also, anytime I bumped into you in the last few years before you smiled and said Hi! This is basically what you need to do a good job.

    Thats good enough for me – I trust you will do all of us and yourself proud
    God Bless
    Andy Walsh – Inchantotane

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