Jumelage avec Millstreet (Twinning with Millstreet)

The year was 1985 and a group from Millstreet were in France to formalize the twinning of Millstreet and Pommerit-le-Vicompte. Above is a newspaper cutting from a French newspaper of the time. The caption reads ” Wednesday afternoon was devoted to a visit to Argoat. ”

Included in the photo are: Doirean O’Sullivan, Ursula Pomeroy, Mary Cashman, ?, ?, Mary Lane, ?, Seán Radley, ?.

Shown left is the short article  that was attached to the above photo.

[Any chance someone could help translate this please]

1 thought on “Jumelage avec Millstreet (Twinning with Millstreet)”

  1. According to my daughter, it goes:

    “Something roughly almost kinda like:

    It began in Pommerit. It was welcomed by sixty-four Irish. The signing of the charter on Tuesday night… was followed by a gigantic event which was attended by some four hundred guests. It was a cozy evening hosted by the Angela Duval circle and singers for a night. For dialogue, no problem. just a clever mix of French-English-Gaelic-British. and then (something something something) . For six months, for three hours weekly, sixty people attended the English classes of Isabella Bars (a young (something) who prepared a CAPES.”

    Hope that helps …

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