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The Kennelly Archive represents a lifetime of work by Padraig Kennelly and his wife Joan, bore out of a passion for photography, that has culminated in an in-depth pictorial record of Co. Kerry. They have now digitized the negatives of the photography which appear on their website

Fortunately, he visited Millstreet a few times in the late 50s and 60s, attend a dance in the Star Ballroom, The Pipe Band Festival of 1958 and a few more visits. In total there are 143 photos in the collection which were taken in Millstreet, and amongst them some wonderful photos of people from the time. Many are still with us, some are no longer

All the photos are available for purchase on and we would recommend that you would purchase those ones that are relevant to you as these kinds of photos only turn up once in a blue moon. However, all photos are available for previewing and details on how to view all the photos are given below:

May 1960 – A dance at the Star Ballroom in Millstreet – (94 photos) – “oh, the style, the style.”
May 1958 – The Pipe Band Festival (35 photos). As a part of The Tostal, organised to try and revive the Irish Language at the time, with different competitions held around the country.
August 3rd 1966 – A lorry full of bricks crashed into a house at the Bridge in Millstreet. (6 photos). Pat O’Mahony’s house of the time.
20th February 1966; A nun plays the Padraig Pearse Harp, from his School, St. Enda's, which was presented to Drishane Convent, Millstreet.20th February 1966; The Padraig Pearse Harp, from his School, St Enda’s, which was presented to Drishane Convent, Millstreet. (3 photos)
1958. November. Presentation Convent Millstreet (2 photos)
November 1958; The exterior of the church in Millstreet.1958 November. Millstreet Church (1 photo)

many thanks to Con Meade who informed us of the Kennelly Archives

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  1. Little had we realised what an amazing and precious pictorial archive relating to Millstreet was contained within the magnificent Kennelly Archive. Such splendid memories will truly be evoked by these wonderful 143 black and white photographs. Heartfelt thanks to Michael for putting them online on and sincere thanks also to Con Meade for alerting Millstreet to such a fantastic pictorial treasure. I was seven and a half years old in May 1958 and remember that historic occasion so well when those 35 Tóstal pictures were taken – Already I have recognised many – they are so real – one can almost hear the sound of the many Pipe Bands that were in Millstreet Town that day!

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