Christmas Eve 2010 Snow Tour – Part One of Two

The magical effect of freezing fog on snow covered trees near Keale Bridge, Millstreet on Christmas Eve 2010.

As promised, we are featuring part one of two sequences relating to the amazing weather related scenes in the Millstreet area on Christmas Eve 2010.   These scenes could not have been recorded had Brendan Murphy not very kindly provided his sturdy means of transport to the various points.   I could not even move onto Mount Leader Estate with my own ordinary car.   So we begin at Mount Leader, proceed into Clara Road, onwards to Millstreet Town, down Minor Row, Drishane Road, Tanyard, Lackabawn, Priest’s Cross, Drishane Hill, Drishanebeg, Coole, Keale Railway Arch, Keale Bridge and River Blackwater.    When we reached Keale Bridge we met with many people carrying cameras as fascinated as ourselves with the postcard Christmas scenes.   We also got to meet with Noel Keating of An Post dedicatedly delivering the Christmas post.  All this was recorded by LTV2 Millstreet and the half-hour transmission was broadcast on LTV on Christmas Day night.   From Keale Bridge it was then on to the Glebe Road and down to beautiful Drishane.   Tomorrow we shall continue our tour beginning in Drishane, back into Millstreet Town, down Station Road and visiting the River Blackwater at the Boeing.   This Snow Tour is dedicated to Poet, Francis Duggan in Australia who has been enjoying the various weather related tours over the past few weeks.

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