Big Con

When I was young I heard him speak in Millstreet
You might say then his better days were gone
But to the Millstreet Fianna Fail supporters
Their hero was the man known as Big Con.
And though he hailed from Derrinagree Con Meaney
They claimed him for their own in Millstreet Town
In Duhallow the man became a legend
And he was well worthy of his renown.

He led Duhallow’s fight for Irish freedom
Long years before when he was in his prime
And he was one who wore the badge of courage
And his deeds inspired the local bards to rhyme
I only knew him as a politician
But some great stories of him I heard told
And even his opponents liked Con Meaney
Duhallow’s finest had a ‘heart of gold’.
Even those who did not vote for Big Con Meaney
About him only had good things to say
He did not have a bad bone in his body
And to help out others he went out of his way.
And it really says it all about a person
When those who oppose him respect to him pay
No wonder he was admired in Duhallow
And he became a legend in his day.
I heard him speak for his son Tom in Millstreet
Campaigning on behalf of Fianna Fail
When the young Tom was sweeping all before him
And flying the Meaney flag in Erin’s Dail.
Three decades or more back I well remember
And the memory fresh as ever with me still
Of hearing a great person speak in Millstreet
In that old Town by ancient Clara Hill.

by Francis Duggan

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