Walking on water

Walking on water

Derek, Grace and Shauna O’Connor, Dooneen walking on the frozen Blackwater river, Thursday 23rd December 2010.  Something that did not happen for many years!  (picture by Gillian O’Connor)

3 thoughts on “Walking on water”

  1. Its hard to believe its colder and ye have more snow than we do, if it makes ye feel any better they are calling for snow here on Sun (5 to 6 inches). Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas & a healthy happy New Year.

  2. Walking on Water,

    Of all places the Blackwater. Did this person not realize that he and his children would could not have seen Christmas if the ice cracked. A warning should go out to all residents in Millstreet NOT to go onto any frozen lakes or rivers. Only that recently here in England a young man in his 30’s fell through a lake and drowned. Leaving behind a wife and two little girls.

    I wish Everyone in Millstreet and Safe and Peaceful Christmas.

    Mrs Mairead Rainsford

  3. Many thanks Mrs Rainsford for hightlighting such an important message, I was dumb founded when I logged on to see the photo. Many happy returns to you….

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