Snow Tour of Millstreet on Sunday, 19th Dec. 2010

The magical effect of snow on the very attractive bridge feature in Millstreet Town Park on Sunday, 19th Dec. 2010.

Our virtual Snow Tour of Millstreet continues on this Sunday, 19th Dec..   We begin by observing Fr. Paddy O’Byrne saying 11.30 a.m. at St. Patrick’s Church as viewed on Church television available now in an increased number of homes due to the major extension of the aerial on the roof of the Church.   We then proceed from Mount Leader,  to Clara Road, West End, Station Road and into Millstreet Town Park.   From there back to Killarney Road, Clara Road and home by nightfall.    On our tour we get to meet Martin Cleary, Danny O’Mahony and others.    John Kelleher sets a great example on the most appropriate hat to wear in this snowy weather.   Keep warm and happy viewing!

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