Christmas Tree Thought Cards

Great demand for the Christmas Tree Thought Cards outside St. Patrick's Church, Millstreet this past weekend. The cards when filled out will later be placed on the Christmas Tree which will be placed in the Church over the Christmas period.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Thought Cards”

  1. So…are these cards being sold for a fixed price? Given that they are being placed in the Church, will they constitute a spiritual benefit for those that filled them out?

  2. Donal, these cards will be placed on the Christmas Trees in each Church in the parish and those on the cards will be remembered at Christmas Masses. Deceased family members as well as those who will not be home for Christmas may be remembered on the cards. All proceeds are for the Parish Restoration Fund and a minimum of two euro per card was requested.

  3. Thanks for the clarification, Sean. The phrase “a minimum of two euro per card was suggested” appears to mean that an amount for an offering was suggested. That in itself would seem to be acceptable as long as no impression was given that these cards cost two euro; any semblance of simony should be avoided (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2121).

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