In New York to meet the Cousins

The Examiner reported on the lucky ‘National Lottery’s Big Money Gameshow’ winners who were whisked away for a six day luxury trip to New York. Among them were Dolores and Michael Webb from Millstreet:

“… Mother- of-three Dolores Webb, 41, from Millstreet, Co Cork, decided shopping was out during her Big Money Gameshow’s six-day trip to the Big Apple. “All I wanted to do was to meet my cousin Anthony Sweeney, who I have never seen but it didn’t work out. He never turned up but his brother John, who I had met 15 years ago in Ireland, did meet me in Times Square.  [read more …] “In New York to meet the Cousins”

On Receiving A Phone Call From Jimmy Sullivan

It had been a few years since I last heard from Jimmy Sullivan a friend of mine who lives in Millstreet Town
But very lately early in the morning he gave me a ring for to give me the run down
Of the recent happenings in my old home Parish where I took leave of many years ago
Going by what he had said the changes have been happening and if I returned to there now the place I’d hardly know.
He told me that refugees now live in Millstreet they came from war torn Countries far away
As guests of Noel C Duggan at his Drishane Lodge lets hope that some of them will chose to stay
And build their new lives in my old home Parish a multicultural Duhallow something new
The introduction of new blood brings with it a new freshness
and Millstreet with new blood could surely do. [read more …] “On Receiving A Phone Call From Jimmy Sullivan”